N Scale Architect

Southpark Scenic kits are offered in HO scale (1:87, 3.5mm / ft) and are sold and distributed by The N-Scale Architect in the USA. The full range of N Scale Architect kits in laser-cut wood, cast resin and etched metals can be seen here. Mainly N Scale (1:150-160 / 2mm-ft)


Dart Castings / Shire Scenes

A wide range of landscape and model railway detail kits are available from Dart Castings. The Shire Scenes range is exclusively etched brass including several items prototyped by Southpark. Mainly OO scale (1:76 / 4mm-ft), O Scale (1:43-48 / 7mm-ft) and N Scale (1: 150-160 / 2mm-ft)


Pendon Museum

Founded over 50 years ago by Roy England, the Pendon Museum of Model Landscape and Architecture is the premier OO Scale model diorama in the country. It depicts almost a square mile of the Vale of the White Horse on the borders of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire, together with the railways that ran through it in the 1930s. Widely regarded as the Cathedral of modelling.


Slim Gauge Circle

A group for modellers of the US Narrow Gauge in any scale. The US supported many railroads built to 3’ gauge and also 2’ gauge. Many became legendary and now form a focus for preserved steam operations or museums. Modelling scales include HOn3, HOn30 Sn3 & On30.


York Modelmakers

Specialising in laser-cutting plastic, card and other materials, York Modelmakers provide the lamination material for several Southpark Scenic projects.