Excellence in Etched Metal Models

Southpark Scenic is a range of etched model kits executed in Brass and Stainless Steel. The kits are offered in HO scale (1:87, 3.5mm/1ft) and are sold and distributed by The N Scale Architect in the USA. Kits are supplied as period landscape accessories, horse drawn vehicles and other model rail related items including rolling stock. A design and prototyping service is offered in all popular modelling scales.


Southpark Scenic supports the activities of societies and special interest groups engaged in the research and creation of more unconventional model prototypes.


Southpark Scenic was founded in 2015 by J. Robin Harding, former proprietor of Dart Castings and Shire scenes. It was created to provide a range of HO scale etched metal scenic kits. It also provided a kit design service for the N Scale Architect of Delancey, NY, USA. Robin retired from mainstream retailing in 2016 and the brand was inherited by Russ Kaufmann at the N Scale Architect.


Southpark continues to design kits in N Scale and ‘special projects’, usually multi-media models – also in N Scale. Southpark also provides a design and prototyping service to the model railway hobby. Projects are undertaken in any of the popular scales (Z,  N, HO, OO, S and O). They range from simple one-off designs through ‘after-market’ detail and ‘dress-up’ kits through to full-blown road and rail kits in metal or ‘mixed media’.


Southpark and The N Scale Architect have been at the forefront of using different manufacturing processes to achieve an end product. This ‘mixed-media’ approach is intended to use the most physically suitable and cost effective materials to create representations of, amongst others,  unusual or challenging prototypes. The tooling expense of traditional plastic-injection models is very high and unsuitable for shorter runs of production. The approach, therefore, is to use a mix of metal etching, resin casting, pressure resin casting, 3D printing laser cut wood and laser-cut plastic (e.g. Rowmarkâ). Models are created which combine the best virtues of several or all of those media. Southpark provides the drawing service for Photo-Tools and laser cutting guides.